Kamisama no Memochou Episode 5

Loli detective…erm, NEET detective time! We start the episode with Alice annoyed at Narumi for trying to wash her stuffed animals. The Fourth walks in to ask Narumi to help him run a concert. Alice shows off a little tsundere at the thought of Narumi being away and busy with the concert. The Fourth later talks to Narumi alone and tells him that the job is more dangerous than he let on. Turns out one of the band’s former promoters is the Yanagihara Group, who have ties with the Yakuza. The band didn’t want that group to sponsor them, so they turned to the Fourth. However, it’s possible that the Yanagihara Group bites back. Narumi starts to promote and help out with the concert. While he’s out alone, he runs into a man named Hirasaka, who is being threatened by some thugs. He starts to beat the crap out of them, but Narumi stops him by pouring his drink on Hirasaka’s shirt. He later introduces himself as Renji and forces Narumi to buy him some clothes. While they’re at a restaurant, Renji notices some thugs out the window and runs off. Later that day, Minli asks Narumi to go out and pick up an apron for her, but he runs into the Fourth at the shop. The Fourth gets really angry seeing Narumi and orders him not to tell anyone about the shop. The shop’s owner, Yoshiki, starts to tell Narumi embarrassing things about the Fourth, which greatly annoys him. However, this ends when the Fourth gets a call that the venue for the concert has been attacked. When they return, they are informed that the shirts have been stolen from the storeroom. They are unable to figure out who it was that broke in, though. The next day, Narumi goes to Ueno for concert business and Alice asks him to go to the zoo to take pictures of capybaras for her. The episode ends with Narumi running into Renji while he’s there.

Not dropping this one for sure. I really like this series’s take on the detective style of anime. Plus…Alice is super cute.

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