Kamisama no Memochou Final Episode

Best arc ever…about to come to an end. Last week, Hakamizaka issued a challenge to Alice to find him. This week, Narumi rushes over to Alice’s place to find the other NEETs there waiting for him. Alice manages to find Ayaka’s cell phone, which leads to the Fourth’s club. They find the phone and a crazy guy on Angel Fix there, but no Hakamizaka. Narumi leaves with Major, but on the way, he notices a strange flashing when the light hits the packaging of the Angel Fix. Later, he shows everyone and it turns out to be angel wings. Alice concludes that the flashing wings are coupled with the visual enhancement from Angel Fix to serve as a guide. Narumi offers to take the drug in order to find a dealer. However, when he takes the drug, he becomes annoyed at the other NEETs talking to him through the receiver and takes it off. He has a vision of Ayaka as an angel and rushes towards her, managing to find a dealer. The other NEETs trail the dealer, while Tetsu tries to calm Narumi. Narumi wakes up to find Alice, who tells him that Ayaka committed suicide because she took Angel Fix, which amplified her regret from growing the flower components of the drug. Everyone joins the Fourth in a search for the dealers’ hideout, and they manage to find Hakamizaka. Hakamizaka is high on Angel Fix and admits to forcing Ayaka to take the drug to stop her from going to the police. Hakamizaka starts to hallucinate that Alice is an angel, which Alice uses to tell him that he isn’t going to heaven. Meanwhile, the Fourth finds Toshi, choosing to offer him to Narumi, who beats him up. However, Tetsu stops him before he can kill Toshi. Finally, Angel Fix is finished. However, seasons pass, but Ayaka doesn’t wake up. One morning, Narumi finds Alice at the school waiting for him. Alice tells him that Ayaka jumped from the roof to prevent the cultural festival from violating her special ground with Narumi. At that moment, the sun rises, and all of flowers bloom, forming the symbol that Narumi made for Ayaka’s armband. The series ends as Ayaka opens her eyes. Very nice ending. Hard to tell whether Narumi likes Ayaka or Alice (I think he should go with Alice, personally). Looks like plenty of room for a second season, which I probably wouldn’t mind watching.

2 thoughts on “Kamisama no Memochou Final Episode”

  1. It was a really touching moment on the rooftop, Ayaka loved Narumi very much. Now, I know the reason why Ayaka was so upset with him when he asked her that silly question about being “her brother’s replacement”.

    No, I prefer Narumi x Ayaka… ahaahaah!

    In the end I was really glad to see that Ayaka woke up after months

    Overall: 9/10


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