Oni Ai Episode 8

This show is too hit-or-miss…I’d call this episode a miss. Unless you just really enjoying staring at girls in swimsuits, it’s absurdly boring. I guess that’s comedy for you. They can’t all be winners. Probably the only part I found okay was Akiko trying to do all of the things everyone else had done after being called normal by Akito.

Even the editor showing up was predictable. And what’s a joke if you know the punch line? Anyway, mini rant is done…go ahead and go off about my strange sense of humor if you want. I give up.

4 thoughts on “Oni Ai Episode 8”

  1. never really watch this for the comedy really it is more like to see the character for me…but since you clearly don’t like both of them in this series what are you expecting from it?


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