Oni Ai Episode 4

Well…what a boring episode. A bit of stuff about Gin, more Ana trolling, a uninteresting bath scene…they gotta stop trying so hard with focusing in when the “fanservice” scenes occur. I mean, I get it…don’t need to throw it at my face. I have a brain, right? My least-favorite thing to see in anime…

Ana done and Gin done, only one character left, I guess. That’s still only five episodes, though…that can only mean one thing: final story arc for the remainder of the show where everyone gets superpowers and go out to save the world. Can I go home yet? >.>

4 thoughts on “Oni Ai Episode 4”

  1. Ahahah, never! Afer all the characters are done, everything will likely focus over Akiko and Akito’s relationship. That’s what I’m waiting for to know more about…:D


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