Campione Episode 6

Well, that was rather underwhelming…they just ran away. So the battle has started against Voban…they really make him sound like he’s the strongest Campione or something (or at least the most mysterious or oldest). I worry about how they’re going to have a stronger foe after him, since he clearly can’t last that long.

Liliana hasn’t really shown any signs of a potential betrayal of Voban…we saw how she met Mariya, I guess. It looks like she was a survivor of the rogue god summoning like Mariya, but she looks a lot less injured in the flashback, which is slightly suspicious. I wonder how Mariya gets away and Liliana becomes a servant of Voban.

Is anyone else bothered by the powers and abilities in this series? All of Godou’s powers seem like very flashy one-shot attacks, giving him problems fighting a simple mob of minions. And Voban strikes me as almost a copy of that one guy from Tsukihime (with the beasts and whatnot). Erica’s flying around with what (in my opinion) are the coolest abilities, but none of them seem distinct because she’s always yelling out the name of her sword.

I wonder if maybe too much effort went into getting the gods right…I mean, even Egyptian gods (cards) are being brought in. Either way, next week will hopefully be the continuation (and conclusion) of the battle against Voban. I’d be pretty upset if they decide to go with “we escaped and now we need to lay low for a few days and train.”

27 thoughts on “Campione Episode 6”

  1. hmm voban manage to block a flame that came from the sun…will the boar be able to destroy him considering it’s ability is absolute destruction of everything in it’s path?and how did voban have the ability to control wolf when his campione ability is from osiris any idea?and possibility of him having more than one god?


    1. well, I dunno…they mentioned that there is no data on his abilities, so we can’t really know if it ends with Osiris. It would be an interesting question of how he got any additional powers, though. The wolves seem seem related to his lycanthropy, though.


      1. maybe he kill god and then use a tablet or other item which function is similiar like godou to gain their power?hmm since it is from divine origin is fenrir from norse mythology a possibility i mean fenrir is a monstrous wolf that kill odin the king of god so maybe fenrir is the first god he kill then the other god….though how did he have the power to create gust?there is a lot of god who have that power….


        1. I dunno…seems like a stretch. I’m not sure. Wish I knew.

          I’m sure you could find a ton of gods for basically anything…we’re not gonna get too far, I imagine


          1. well there is a ton of god pose an interesting question for me how about if some being are somehow stronger than omnipotent ….

            other than that not to fond on speculating are you… well that is my guess or maybe osiris is the god whose power include controlling of wolf and gust i mean athena is an example…athena control darkness ,owl,and petrification while she didn’t have that in the mythology…


          2. some god that is in charge is probably the one who have omnipotent,science,and presence or something like i mention is more powerful than omnipotent if there is one….

            about athena my mistake she does have the power to control owl since her symbol is and owl…as for the petrification medusa was one of the priest who serve athena and since she curse medusa with her stone gaze i’m guessing she have that power though in here she and medusa is one and the same…


          3. well god is the greatest conceivable being so maybe a being greater than god stronger than omnipotent not exactly impossible just can’t be comprehended….

            well i can say this myth is more interesting really people say reality is better no matter what….to that i say you are clearly liar there is almost nothing interesting in real life…


          4. well, it’s dangerous because they would literally have to choose a “best” religion…unless they made something up

            lol…true that


          5. hmm well nobody will try that considering omnipotent itself is unexplainable thus something higher than omnipotent wouldn’t even be conceivable….though if they are going to go with supreme god they would probably choose the abrahamic god most follower…though if you think about it islam and christian serve the same god so chances are they are going with that… while the other omnipotent will get reduce to nothing but nigh thanks to only one can be omnipotent….


          6. well which one is not simple if your talking about omnipotent the power itself is kind of hard to understand considering there is many paradox….or about the supreme god?


          7. i think the best bet is to make up a god in charge or just not have one…choosing an existing one is going to cause problems no matter who is chosen


          8. hmm but people should be open minded creating is nice but wouldn’t it be better if people could actually accept and use an already existing supreme god….but yeah i agree with you i guess people going to complain no matter who got chosen…

            and other than that join me marthaurion!!!


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