Campione Episode 7

And you thought the sword was overpowered…now Godou has unlocked the Spirit Bomb skill (everyone lend me your strength!). And yet it still wasn’t enough to beat Voban…this guy’s nuts. I guess Godou is gonna have to level up some more to unlock all of his avatars or something…I was under the impression that he had them all already. With so many of Voban’s skills beaten by Godou, I wonder if he’ll come back as an enemy or if he’s just disappearing for the rest of the show.

Wasn’t quite expecting Liliana to defect so easily…Erica’s so evil with her crazy blackmailing. But even though she’s on their side, she hasn’t gone mushy for Godou quite yet…just a “loyal” subject for now. Wonder what’s supposed to make her change her mind.

Another thing is that apparently the kiss thing isn’t restricted to Erica. I thought it was a spell she could cast or something, but apparently all of them can transfer knowledge like that, demonstrated by Yuri. Well, I guess that gives every girl in the harem their chance to shine? That aside, next week is back to light stuff with the obligatory beach episode.

Campione Episode 6

Well, that was rather underwhelming…they just ran away. So the battle has started against Voban…they really make him sound like he’s the strongest Campione or something (or at least the most mysterious or oldest). I worry about how they’re going to have a stronger foe after him, since he clearly can’t last that long.

Liliana hasn’t really shown any signs of a potential betrayal of Voban…we saw how she met Mariya, I guess. It looks like she was a survivor of the rogue god summoning like Mariya, but she looks a lot less injured in the flashback, which is slightly suspicious. I wonder how Mariya gets away and Liliana becomes a servant of Voban.

Is anyone else bothered by the powers and abilities in this series? All of Godou’s powers seem like very flashy one-shot attacks, giving him problems fighting a simple mob of minions. And Voban strikes me as almost a copy of that one guy from Tsukihime (with the beasts and whatnot). Erica’s flying around with what (in my opinion) are the coolest abilities, but none of them seem distinct because she’s always yelling out the name of her sword.

I wonder if maybe too much effort went into getting the gods right…I mean, even Egyptian gods (cards) are being brought in. Either way, next week will hopefully be the continuation (and conclusion) of the battle against Voban. I’d be pretty upset if they decide to go with “we escaped and now we need to lay low for a few days and train.”