Campione Final Episode

So…the great thing about multiple kisses is that they can’t focus on a single one, which makes each one much less disturbing. Probably the tamest episode despite the fact that everyone kisses Godou. Unfortunately, the last battle wasn’t much…Erica’s fight with Metis was a little better. The last battle was just Godou throwing a bunch of swords at Metis, using every power, and a whole lot of a screaming (maybe a little too much screaming from Metis).

Athena brings up an interesting point about gods. It’s one of those things I’ve always wondered about Greek mythology. What makes a god different than a human? For the Greeks, it just always seemed that gods were just a more resilient or long-lived form of humans. Could still be killed and had human emotions and whatnot.

Well, this show is finally over. Still not completely sure why I watch these things. I stick to my assertion that Godou really needs more sword fights…his powers aren’t really interesting to watch. Much prefer the intense combat of blades. Crazy harems, crazy gods, crazy reconstruction of ancient mythology…I think we’re done here. It felt like Ena got short changed a little bit, but who knows? I think everyone will agree that we as viewers now completely understand Italian culture…am I right?

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