Campione Episode 12

And now we’re ready for the final battle against Dark Athena…err Metis. Can we pretend the whole thing with the Avatar of the Adolescent just didn’t happen? Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Anyway, the intermediate world turned out to be just a bunch of emptiness and instant transmission. I’m curious about when they broke out, though…were they just transported to that particular location or are the two worlds intertwined? Probably doesn’t matter too much either way…just my own idle curiosity.

Ena manages to pull off the tamest kiss we’ve seen so far…but I guess now that I think about it, it’s not quite over yet. She’s probably going to give knowledge to Godou next week…sigh. I wonder about Metis, though…I could do the research about who she is in mythology, but speculation is more fun, right? If I remember correctly, she’s supposed to be Athena’s mother or something. But this show likes to blur those sorts of things, so I wonder if she was created when Athena was defeated or if she’s just always been around.

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