Campione Episode 11

The final character has arrived…while initially suspicious, I currently sense no evil from her. She was busy fighting Erica when Athena crashed into Godou’s house, so I doubt she’s whatever shadow Athena was fighting (more than likely that’s our final boss). But first, Ena, Erica, and Godou will have to roam around in some alternate dimension. Based on “astral plane”, I suppose there are a bunch of malicious gods around or maybe some spirits to swarm them.

Well, Ena already had a brief “blush” moment when Godou tried to stop her…she’s pretty much halfway to joining the harem, right? I suppose with two episodes remaining, the next episode will be devoted to getting out of the astral plane and the last episode is facing whatever Athena’s problem is. I wonder how Godou’s sister is going to be involved. I can’t imagine an episode where they “play” together…maybe Athena just tells Shizuka everything that’s really been going on around her.

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