Campione Episode 10

Another god bites the dust. You know…I’m finding myself often having trouble keeping up with Campione’s style of “you’re this god, but you’re actually this god too” after Godou uses the sword. It strikes me as a sense of gravitating the different gods of mythology towards each other, almost as if suggesting something about the singularity of gods (monotheism anyone?). Something to the effect of “all gods are essentially the same guy.” Not quite that extreme, but it seems to be suggesting something of that nature.

Right…keep telling yourself that…
That final bit with Perseus has me suspicious. Why is “Athena’s” face obscured? Also, Perseus reacts differently than I would expect…almost like he didn’t expect her to be there. Since he’d seen Athena earlier, I doubt he would react that way to seeing her. Is there some sister of Athena we need to know about? Because she could very well be our final boss for the show. The other option is a doppleganger, which is less fun because it means that it could be basically anyone (anyone serpent-related I guess). Anyways, a new character next week? Another shrine maiden, it seems.

9 thoughts on “Campione Episode 10”

  1. I had a similar thought as well, why was Athena’s face obscured? Is that the real Athena or some kind of double taking her identity and gathering gods?

    I’m also a bit curious about what happens when a God kills another? Will he/she inherit the powers or the powers will dissipate into nothingness?

    Well, next week we’ll get an AWESOME shrine maiden with a “living” sword so well…:D


    1. my money’s on double >.>

      sounds kinda overpowered if it’s inheritance…also there’s that sense of combining powers to be the ultimate god, which is kinda lame

      uhh…sure…I guess…


      1. *my money is on the original*

        Assuming that Athena was supposedly the mother of all gods, that sort of makes sense. But still yes, kinda lame…:D

        MOAR Kisses! MOAR awkward moments! 😛


  2. this show run on every religion is true not to mention a lot of them apparently is the same as each other though if it were something like the roman god which is taken directly from greek mythology i understand however mithra and perseus have no resemblance at all i fail to see the logic here but i wouldn’t doubt the world godou is living in is better than ours since power like campione exist…

    i don’t understand she was simply healing him and nothing more…
    the power that the god that is killed will simply turn back to the mythology rather than disappear completely where it remain to sleep as long as the needed than they will revive again


    1. yeah…I’m kinda wondering how everything works out in this universe >.>

      I mean…returning to mythology is pretty similar to disappearing…


      1. they will return later on when they have enough sleep or the like but they never got destroyed permanently only temporarily delayed thus the ritual voban trying to do is actually summoning the god from the mythology instead of their own realm which human don’t know about…and once the authority is return to the god they will free themself from the myth and run rampage again same stuff different day…

        well apparently every god is the same counterpart as the other god medusa and athena,mithra and perseus so basically every religion is almost true just everything got tweaked a little such as either multiple creator god or a different ending to the tale it can be done if the religion got change a lot such as right here not to mention the god can be sealed in the body of a human although not in full power so i guess every god got depowered a little…


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