Campione Episode 7

And you thought the sword was overpowered…now Godou has unlocked the Spirit Bomb skill (everyone lend me your strength!). And yet it still wasn’t enough to beat Voban…this guy’s nuts. I guess Godou is gonna have to level up some more to unlock all of his avatars or something…I was under the impression that he had them all already. With so many of Voban’s skills beaten by Godou, I wonder if he’ll come back as an enemy or if he’s just disappearing for the rest of the show.

Wasn’t quite expecting Liliana to defect so easily…Erica’s so evil with her crazy blackmailing. But even though she’s on their side, she hasn’t gone mushy for Godou quite yet…just a “loyal” subject for now. Wonder what’s supposed to make her change her mind.

Another thing is that apparently the kiss thing isn’t restricted to Erica. I thought it was a spell she could cast or something, but apparently all of them can transfer knowledge like that, demonstrated by Yuri. Well, I guess that gives every girl in the harem their chance to shine? That aside, next week is back to light stuff with the obligatory beach episode.

24 thoughts on “Campione Episode 7”

  1. Crazy blackmailing? Evil? Erica is a pure innocent and lovely girl. I don’t know what you’re talking about my dear Marth…:|

    I suppose all the girls will have a kiss scene, next one is Liliana, and then Ena…:|


      1. *looks around confused* Sorry Marth, but I can’t see much else than a lovely innocent girl in Erica. *shows a red mark on his neck*

        Yeah, sort of it…:D


        1. *looks around confused* Sorry Feal, but I can’t see much else than an evil manipulative girl in Erica. *shows blackmail scene from episode*


  2. well training isn’t going to finish all his problem… someone said a real fight might actually be more useful than training really considering a few minute of real fight equate to week and month of training…hmm it is nice to see that once you know of the enemy the gate of babylon copy will do the job for you and attack the enemy wonder if they are sentient the sword that is…godou should really use the other authority and fight in a close quarter combat should be nice to see that…the goat make an interesting point by having even the tyrant subject to give godou power…
    every free man shall fight against the tyrant huh…

    on other note erica and liliana is a nice character kind however erica are not…
    though they both are honorable knight albeit with strange personality weird combination though…


    1. meh…goat is more overpowered than sword…for sure

      definitely weird…and Erica is definitely evil despite whatever feal says


      1. hmm on normal case yes but against an authority goat can stall time but nonetheless the sword is the reason verethragna is able to kill a god…but i just like it when a tyrant is overthrown so in this case i like the goat and the dead soldier for rebelling against voban…

        hmm probably just mischievous but not evil it depend on godou a knight follow his king order no matter how evil and despicable it is and if godou is good then erica alignment is good …though there are a few knight who are not exactly honorable in the dark ages of europe where they rebel against the king and plunder and ravage village which the king rule though that is another matter…


          1. i didn’t realise the dead knight still have their will and personality though having to serve someone forcefully is not exactly nice especially when there is absolutely no escape like in most situation where dying alone would solve the problem in here you can’t run and when you die you are force to serve him without any escape with your own power….

            hmm what makes you think that she help us see the other side of liliana though she seem to never will betray godou…to abandon her knight personality and follow his order without question pretty sure she won’t be evil as long godou stay law aligned which bring the other question if voban past is like godou would godou change into voban in the near future become mad with power i mean?


          2. that’s usually how it is…can force them to follow your orders, but can never change their will

            because she acts evil….


          3. hmm unshakable will huh though voban probably got weaken a lot by this battle losing 2 of his authority and his knight too… and not to mention if they continue godou would use his white stallion again now that a day has passed….

            hmm harem member usually are harmless to friend or opponent…
            ah right does warrior authority remind you of gate of babylon?


          4. “trust no one but yourself” you run by this motto don’t you?though it’s not like i’m much better myself…

            hmm so far 2 is already in the harem while 1 is in the progress and one haven’t been shown maybe we will see athena again later on…

            and voban probably will show his strongest authority next time and one thing i notice is that campione power is severely diminish compare to the god them self…it maybe because the authority don’t accept campione as their true owner and prefer the god and campione seem still is bounded by normal human physical limit such as godou when using the raptor or voban considering he doesn’t use apollo full power of the sun…

            though which god would you take your power from marthaurion if you got the chance?


          5. I dunno…I’d say “don’t trust anyone more than yourself” is more accurate

            man…fighting the same guy again? so boring…

            any god that gives me a bow, I guess


          6. well there is that one called worf effect it is where a new stronger opponnent defeat voban easily to show how strong he is…

            i want to see a fight with other campione such as salvador doni…or i want to see another god preferably angra mainyu or demigod karna the invincible golden hero or other demigod such as heracles…

            artemis and apollo but in campione apollo doesn’t have bow so either artemis or athena or the one in chinese legend a hero who shot down 9 sun with his bow…

            and nice talking with you marhtaurion nice to meet someone with a fetish for bow and to add a sadist too probably a m too…


          7. so either a fight with another campione or a god who’s super overpowered? seems legit

            it’s NOT a fetish!! T_T


          8. he deny that so i shall take it but he doesn’t deny he is sadist and machoist…

            hmm but on the other hand since you like bow so much and think they are cool you would probably want godou to fight against houyi the god of archery ….though i would prefer if he fight against hero such as gilgamesh or karna just because there is no way godou will win in those encounter and if he did imagine the power he would have…


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