Campione Episode 5

Well, fairly light-hearted stuff for the beginning of the episode this week…mostly Mariya-focused. Erica’s such a troll as well. But more importantly, the old guy from the earlier episodes has revealed himself to be Sasha Dejanstahl Voban, another Campione. He seems like…well, a vampire. Controls the dead, has a wolf army, magic eyes…all that’s missing is some blood-sucking. No doubt Liliana is some girl he took under his wing or something…I highly doubt she’s an undead servant…right?

I’m kinda curious about what Voban said to Mariya, though…something about her being the one watching him. He was able to tell that she had that weird dream about him? Possibly a limitation of her clairvoyance? Well, stuff seems to be moving kinda fast. Sounds like next week, Godou is already going to head over to Voban’s castle to rescue Mariya. If so, then that old dude’s gonna go down pretty early. Suppose there are five other Campione Godou could be fighting. Godou’s powers seem fairly specific to fighting gods, so I wonder what changes when he fights another Campione.

20 thoughts on “Campione Episode 5”

  1. The imouto is more adult than Mariya. Isn’t that awesome in its own rights? ๐Ÿ˜€

    What becomes of a man that gains God’s power? Isn’t he actually a God himself? If that’s true Godou’s powers won’t have issues…:P


    1. …didn’t know you were into that sorta thing *slowly backs away*

      well, having a god’s power doesn’t technically make you a god, I would assume…I’m sure there are other characteristics missing


      1. I’m more in Mariya, but well…:D

        Mhn…i’m unsure to be honest, gods in this story are “mortal” and can be killed. So what else differentiate Godou from them? ๐Ÿ˜


        1. well, gods could be killed in Greek mythology if I remember correctly…but they had weird properties or something


          1. Yeah, heard about it, but unless they explain more in detail it’s going to remain a question…:P

            After all this series isn’t much focused on battles is it? ๐Ÿ˜›


          2. well, now that there’s another Campione enemy, I’m sure there will be a long-winded speech in the near future


  2. hmm how did godou lose when he is the god of victory is clearly beyond my comprehension…

    now let see considering he is new as a campione his ability is somehow limited to what verethragna can actually do maybe he will gain power up as he killed more god…verethragna is the god “vrahran fire” which is the combination of 16 type of fire but godou have yet to shown us that ability so far… so maybe it is a limitation of campione can’t copy the god fully? or maybe godou isn’t strong enough yet…

    and they didn’t show the battle … and the campione is he a relative of salvador dali?that is interesting…

    as for voban isn’t he closer to werewolf instead of vampire?other than that he seem relatively harmless so far just wanting a good fight…


      1. hmm albeit who are we talking about here…. some god is all powerful some other are not the god in greek mythology can died and subject to fate….
        god in norse mythology can died too in fact all of them are wiped out…

        though if all religion is true then all of the god is at best nigh omnipotent…
        considering that there can’t be 2 omnipotent being…or at least one must be omnipotent while the others are nigh…

        hmm maybe he will gain new power after defeating or when fighting voban… hmm verethragna can heal too and the last battle of the anime should be angra mainyu considering he is the god of light which defeat him in the mythology…


        1. well, since there were multiple Greek gods, they couldn’t be all-powerful because then they’re no different…gods become much further from humans once their numbers drop.


          1. well in greek not a single one was omnipotent not even chaos(greek primordial god ) while for the number drop it’s not exactly true say zeus is omnipotent alone then even if there is a thousand god it wouldn’t change the fact that zeus is all powerful

            i was saying say in campione all mythology is true which to say there is christian god and brahman from hindu which both was suppose to be “omnipotent” then logically it is impossible for them to win againts each other that would reduce them both to nigh omnipotent since they can beat each other unless one of them is only nigh and the other is true omnipotent…


          2. wait what about erica spear?the spear of longlinus is the spear that pierce jesus if he exist wouldn’t it mean christian/islamic god exist too?

            if they exist why so sure that other modern religion like hindu that have omnipotent god don’t exist?


          3. just seems stupid to bring in an omnipotent god…and it’ll likely piss a bunch of people off…then again, I’d probably enjoy seeing that


          4. it would be interesting in my opinion seeing an omnipotent god in campione but like you said it is a stupid move seeing people will get angry at the smallest of thing….

            but if the author have no intention of bringing an omnipotent god like in the bible he shouldn’t put the spear of longlinus in the first place…
            a spear that is used to stab the son of god prove the existence of god

            “Now then, if Deep Blood proves the existence of vampires, then whose existence does Imagine Breaker prove” yes?


          5. hmm somehow i sidetrack to to aru majutsu no index well season 3 should be coming up so feel like saying that sorry for the sidetracking

            but yeah just because you don’t see god exist but have weapon that prove god existence doesn’t actually make thing better but hey religion say it can’t so it can’t……


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