Campione Episode 8

The next battle has begun and our opponent is another god. Now it’s Liliana’s turn to kiss Godou, I guess. She was so eager to help until he told her what it was…silly girl. It seems that Perseus was able to cancel out Godou’s abilities…well, Godou got his powers from a Persian god, so that can’t be a coincidence. More importantly, though, why did Salvatore cause all of this in the first place and where did he go? I assumed that he was doing it to fight Perseus, but he just disappeared. Is he trying to train Godou or something? I really don’t get it.

Wonder how long this fight is going to last…I assume it’s suppose to be a fight that focuses on Liliana before they introduce the last girl. Godou’s been shot, so I assume that he and Liliana escape this to regroup with everyone else for a second fight. Will Athena or Salvatore be joining them in the fight? Or will they just sit back and watch? What’s up with these guys just randomly being there?

16 thoughts on “Campione Episode 8”

  1. Athena will likely play the “ally” this time around. Godou need a power up after all, and who can give a power-up better than the goddess of wisdom? 😛


  2. hmm no not a power up…the authority given to godou is powerful enough if he know how to use it he doesn’t need a power up…though greek vs persian what a nice and touching story…the fact that perseus manage to do something like that probably is referring to the legend where he kill a lot of mythical beast…
    so out of all 10 the only one godou can use is gale,youth,and warrior…though warrior alone should be enough to be him…


    1. well, he’s more unlocking more of the powers he already has…could be called a power up, but not really

      if you say so…


      1. hmm what do you think will happen godou will survive for sure considering he have the ram which miraculous healing ability as long as he don’t die yet…but most of his incarnation is beast the only one that isn’t a beast is only 3out of 10 and 2 of them are useless in battle…


        1. I’m sure they’ll just take him somewhere to heal and then face Perseus as a united front…nothing too extravagant


          1. so basically like every fight so far only with liliana as the heroine instead of erica or yuri where he suddenly summon sword give us explanation about the god than get another girl then go home a little redundant…


          2. 9 episode every battle seem to be the same so far they need to have different battle scene where the blade isn’t 1 hit kill and use them like gate of babylon…and more fighting without tactic not the one that need to run anyway…


          3. in marthaurion eyes there is no almost depressing everything is depressing in his eyes…though it only the ninth episode taking judgement too fast wouldn’t be good so maybe who knows it would get better later though considering his power doubt that…


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