Campione Episode 4

Arianna’s definitely got her priorities straight.
Well…that sword isn’t quite as overpowered as I expected. Apparently, it has an energy supply. It was kinda interesting the way they sorta re-wrote mythology in that battle…saying that while Greek mythology states that Athena was the daughter of Zeus, in actuality, she was an ancient queen that was overthrown by Zeus. I mean…it’s not like we could say which is correct. I doubt we even have enough information to deny that the Greeks actually originally believed this. It’s something fun to think about while you’re watching them fight.

Bows are so awesome…
Anyway character-wise, stuff is pretty straightforward. Athena was spared, so she can come back and aid them later. Mariya called for Godou in a desperate moment and he came to her side, so she’s basically in. As for Liliana, she seems to be the most infatuated with Godou in the opening, so I wonder what he does to make this happen. Finally, Erica continues to make me uneasy with her crazy manipulations…what’s she up to? First enemy as a Campione is defeated…wonder what’s next. The title of next week’s episode almost makes it look like normal life girl problems for Godou.

14 thoughts on “Campione Episode 4”

  1. Arianna wins the “most entertaining character” of the series already. That “jiiiiiiiiiiiii” was awesome. 😀

    What’s up with you and your fetish for bows?! 😐


  2. the sword is still overpowered in my opinion isn’t it one hit kill if it hit your body?

    though the information needed for it is quite amazing would take a while if you learn by reading a book.

    and i would want to study like that have a kiss and then the knowledge suddenly transfer to my head…


    1. beats me…I wouldnt be surprised

      I can see it. “Hey, what are you doing?” “Shh…quiet. I’m trying to study for my battle against a god.”



      1. i forgot to study for my test a lot of the time so you can’t blame me for wanting that can you?

        how thick would that book be…

        godou should just hit her with the boar though…


        1. well, all of the different powers have a condition…I’m gonna lose track…maybe I should make a chart


          1. yeah you should it would make it easier to know the limitation of each power

            on other note don’t you agree a kiss which give you knowledge would be amazing?


          2. I might consider it…it does sound like a lot of work, though >.>

            suppose it would kinda depend on who’s giving out these kisses. I dunno…I don’t usually worry too much about studying or stuff like that anyway


          3. erica i want a bishoujo to give me the kiss…

            so marthaurion who do you think the next god to appear should be?


          4. but…she would lead you around like a puppet O.o

            hmm…I think it would be more fun if the next enemy is another Campione rather than a god


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