Granbelm First Impressions (1): Right to the fightf

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Mangetsu is apparently a genius

Well, this series certainly wasted no time getting into the action, so neither will I. Uhh…it was cool? To be honest, it was my favorite mech fighting in the world, but it certainly has my attention. We get a bit of a pause halfway through the episode for exposition, so I know enough to tell you that the story takes place in a world in which magic has been locked away and forgotten.

Mangetsu is transported to another world

For whatever reason, our main character, Mangetsu Kohinata is instantly transported into this hidden magical world when she returns to school late at night to retrieve a bento. In this world, magical girls from all around the world pilot magical robots called ARMANOX in a competition that definitely isn’t the Grail War. There’s even an all-powerful magic object that they’re seemingly fighting over that looks like it absorbs the magic of a dead Serva- ARMANOX.

Mangetsu tries to flee to safety

I make jokes, but this episode was pretty fun to watch. I admit I felt a little bit lost when the fighting started, but I didn’t really mind it. My general impression was that the battles try to be too flashy with the magical attacks, but maybe that’s just my personal preference showing up.

Attacking the boss

I wasn’t even sure what to make of these girls. The attack seems aimed at Shingetsu, but the girl is talking to two completely different characters. Is it just another faction? I suppose it’s better if the girls aren’t cleanly split into two sides.

Mangetsu wonders what kind of world she's in

This scene is clearly meant to be the initial exposition dump, but I still liked it. Watching Shingetsu eat the lunch in the middle of the ruins was pretty good, and I liked the isekai joke.

The robot is summoned

I’m not the biggest fan of the robot designs, but I’ve always had a problem with the “SD style” of mech. Am I being too much of a downer? I’m curious to see what abilities they’ll have, though…

Mangetsu doesn't understand

Honestly, I think it would have been cool if a large part of the series consecutively took place in this magical world. The preview for the next episode makes it very clear that Mangetsu will return to the real world without any trouble (and gain a suspicious new transfer student at school). But the fact that this episode immediately shifted into this world made me wonder if it would just cover the entire competition without returning to the real world. It would have made the isekai joke funnier…

7 thoughts on “Granbelm First Impressions (1): Right to the fightf”

  1. I LOVED the first episode of Granbelm! ❤ This is a good review, thanks for posting. I haven't seen very many mecha anime series, so I don't know much about robot designs, but I really liked the way the Armanox looked. I didn't mind the exposition since it was given in the discussion of the two girls instead of just narration at the beginning or something.

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