Maou-sama, Retry First Impressions (1): A tale as old as time

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Akira says goodbye to the demon lord

Borrowing from the long-standing traditions laid out in other shows, this series follows one man’s journey inside a video game world as he searches for a way back to his world. I suppose the main interest is that the main character, Akira Oono, doesn’t seem to be the standard gamer type. Rather, it seems more like he’s supposed to be a game administrator who plays the role of demon lord within the game.

Akira uses his administrator privileges

Honestly, I don’t have much of a problem with the isekai genre, so I thought that this first episode was fine. It doesn’t particularly stand out amongst its relatives, but it’s enjoyable enough. If anything, I’d say that the episode kind of glosses over a lot (like why creating items costs skill points). I think it would be funny to watch Akira abuse his administrator privileges if that continues to be relevant.

Akira should have read more light novels

There’s also kind of an interesting scene when Akira is first transported into the game where you can see what looks like missiles or meteors falling in the background. I might be reading too much into it, but it implies that he’s transported into the game after his original world is destroyed or something.

Maou tries to get his wish

This scene probably suffered the most from being glossed over in my opinion. It’s implied that Akira came to this world because his avatar, Hakuto Kunai, was directly summoned by the dead sorcerers in this room, valiantly attempting to have their wish granted. And then, Hakuto strangely gets his unverbalized wish granted through a ring that does…something.

Aku wants to know Maou's wish

It might still be too early for this, but I do wonder where this series is headed. From this first episode alone, it sounds like it’s just going to be random travels of Hakuto and Aku in a video game fantasy world. I don’t particularly have a problem with that as a premise. I just wonder if that’s what I’m committing to watching, you know?

Hakuto cloaks himself

The scene in Aku’s village also seemed a little weird to me. Hakuto cloaks himself for a reason that he doesn’t really explain, only to reveal himself almost immediately as Aku is assaulted by rocks. Maybe it wasn’t obvious enough that the other villagers were approaching her with hostility? Either way, they just leave and ignore the reason they came. I guess it’s meant to show that the people in the village are jerks or something.

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