Golden Kamuy Episode 20: And suddenly sumo

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Asirpa stands on a sunfish

Things sure did get serious quickly in this episode. Still, the episode remained true to form with the extended sea otter scene. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series will progress now that basically everyone is suspicious of everyone else (except maybe Sugimoto). I think it’s interesting that the series seemed to be pushing characters together into a big group right before dropping a bombshell that puts them all at odds.

Inkarmat flirts with Tanigaki

Inkarmat’s interest in Tanigaki seems a bit random, but I guess it works. When I started hearing her story with Asirpa’s father later in the episode, I was hoping they might tie together, but I didn’t see a link.

The boys spend some quality time together

Well, that happened.

Inkarmat tells Asirpa that Nopperabo isn't her father

I’m not sure what to believe now. The series seems to be pushing hard to debunk the idea that Nopperabo isn’t Asirpa’s real father, with Inkarmat’s story and the brief glimpses at his black eyes. It honestly makes me wonder if it’s trying too hard. Do I need to be suspicious?

Inkarmat shows evidence that Kiroranke

I can’t believe Inkarmat and Asirpa both outright accuse Kiroranke of betraying Asirpa’s father, and the episode ends with Kiroranke still in the group. The fact that Inkarmat gets the fingerprints identifying from Kiroranke from Tsurumi introduces a level of suspicion that I wasn’t expecting from this series at all. It’s actually a pretty intriguing mystery.

Shiraishi sums up the episode

I think this is a fair summary of the episode. I like that Sugimoto pushes to keep everyone together despite their suspicions, but I’m really curious to see how that will work for them.

Prison break?

Meanwhile, it almost feels like Tsurumi just has his own private story going on to the side of everyone else.


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