Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 9: Sibling rivalry

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Sakuta having trouble finding Mai

While having Mai swap bodies with her sister, Nodoka, because of Nodoka’s inferiority complex isn’t really anything new, but I liked the subtle touches this episode added to it. Rather than leave the situation with a simple statement that Mai is more talented than Nodoka, the episode seemed to go out of its way to show the fundamental difference between the two girls. It made the episode a lot of fun to watch.

Nodoka disturbed by the relationship between Mai and Sakuta

I think the best part about the body switch is how expressive Nodoka is as Mai. It’s a hilarious side of “Mai” to see.

Mai explains her past with Nodoka

The episode does a great job of initially portraying Nodoka with the kind of reverence and admiration towards Mai you might expect from a typical little sister. Then, it flips the script by revealing that she actually resents Mai to a degree. Based on the conversation with Kunimi’s girlfriend, I’m assuming the story ends with Nodoka accepting that she truly loves Mai despite her resentment, but we’ll see.

Nodoka confronts Mai

As the child of Asian parents, I can sympathize with Nodoka’s frustration at being compared with someone better. But at the end of the day, I’m the eldest child, so I tend to relate more to Mai and the work she goes through. Having to set an example can be equally frustrating.

Mai meets up with Sakuta

My favorite part of the episode was actually watching Mai in Nodoka’s body, even if the story is centered on Nodoka. Throughout the episode, we see small scenes that show how much more effort Mai puts into whatever she’s doing. What does Nodoka do first in Mai’s body? She goes to the beach with Sakuta. On the other hand, we see Mai practicing her singing in a karaoke room, and here we see her running to increase her stamina. Unlike Nodoka, Mai takes the initiative to improve.

Mai warns Sakuta not to look at the secret cabinet

Well, we all know where this is going.

3 thoughts on “Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 9: Sibling rivalry”

  1. I’m the oldest child too… and hoo boy did I get the “you have to be an example for your sister and brothers” spiel. Once I came up with the plan to tell my dad “well, I could always be an example of what not to do”, but fortunately my sense of self preservation kicked in and I never tried that particular stunt.

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    1. yeah, im definitely no stranger to the thought of setting an example of what not to do, but i didnt really go down that path either. i had a lot of trouble with the idea of setting an example when i was growing up, but ive grown more okay with it. i like to think my siblings appreciate my willingness to take the heat in their place

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