Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Episode 10: Introducing the brains of the party

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Who cares?

This series continues to be fun to watch, even if I wish the mystery aspect of it wasn’t always super obvious. Introducing Kirill as a hidden genius is pretty hilarious. I also like how the episode takes a relatively mundane Anthem experiment and links it to the main Esperanza story. I guess the series is done wasting time and wants to push forward with the main story. I’m good with that.

Doug watches Kirill searching for him

It’s a fairly minor thing with paperwork, but I always appreciate watching Doug mess with Kirill.

Doctor mentions that former patients are dead

These doctors are perfectly calm about the fact that their former patients are dead. Yeah, that’s not suspicious at all. Also, I definitely missed the Ghostbusters reference in the names of the dead patients the first time.

Kirill explains the biology behind Overdrive

I mean, Kirill’s technically correct in his description, randomly mentioning vectors and bacteria. To be honest, that clumsy description fits his character a little too well, and it’s funny that he researches genetic engineering because he loved comic books. Also, humans have a lot of non-coding DNA, so using “dormant genes” as a reason for Anthem effectiveness isn’t super surprising.

No Overdrive is detected in the experimental patients

I’m not actually sure I fully understood why the test subjects didn’t identify as being in Overdrive. Is it just because the Anti-AMS drugs incompletely wiped out the Anthem in their system without correctly wiping out its effects?

Test subjects are injected with the five drugs at different ratios to find the right one

I definitely wasn’t expecting this whole thing to tie back into Esperanza’s attempts to figure out the Anti-AMS bullets, so I have to hand it to this episode. It’s a nice reference, and it keeps the story relevant.

Gus's father chooses to stay human

It’s nice to see that Gus’s father makes the conscious decision to reject the Anthem, but I would have hoped for some more contribution from Gus. It would have made Kirill’s conversation with Gus earlier in the episode seem more impactful. I suppose that conversation was only meant to contribute to the fake wedding thing at the end.

Making an offer to Kirill to join the military

Okay, this was a bit random. Does it have to do with the mystery around Kirill’s grandfather? I’m still convinced that this is meant to tie in with Kirill’s brother. We still have no idea what’s up with that guy.

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