Psycho Pass 2 Final Episode (11): And so it ends

[HorribleSubs] PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.57_[2014.12.19_06.59.34]

So Sibyl actually decided to change itself and purge the criminal minds from within the system. It’s not a totally unexpected outcome, but it’s interesting that the system decided to evolve. I do agree with what the representative was saying about the dangers of judging collectively, though. I can see an scenario where a brainwashed group is considered to be highly criminal and deserving of death when most of the members probably only need to be paralyzed.

Anyway, I feel a bit bad about this show. It feels like about halfway through, I stopped really paying attention to what was going on in each episode. Maybe it’s the fault of the show, maybe it’s just me…either way, I shouldn’t be so careless. Actually, I going to just blame the effects of Friday. I don’t think my judgment that this season was inferior to the first season would be any different, though. Oh well, not too surprising, I guess…

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