Log Horizon 2 Episode 12: Being Naotsugu is suffering

[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.37_[2014.12.20_08.49.48]

The raid is finally over! As expected, the encounter with Kinjou ended up just being a discussion/negotiation. Everything got wrapped up nicely, I suppose. Demikas even found love…ish. Random game mechanic note: Shiroe mentions already adding William to his friends list…which means that the game probably has a system where you can add anyone you want to the list, but it only “activates” when both players add each other. I’ve played in systems like that and I personally prefer the request system…even if you get random guys pretending to be girls adding you every now and then.

So I guess it’s time for another story arc. But first, it looks like there will be some distraction filler episodes (can I skip them?). I guess it’s finally time for Shiroe to face the music…he must choose! I say this knowing full well that next week’s episode will end with some half-sincere response from Shiroe to both Akatsuki and Minori (and Henrietta too?). Can we just skip the next episode and get right to the “meetings in dark rooms” business that was briefly shown this week? Of course, knowing this show, that will probably make its way into the filler episode…

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