Monogatari Series Second Season First Impressions: What is this show I’m watching?

[HorribleSubs] Monogatari Series Second Season - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.11_[2013.07.07_11.05.34]

Well, everything seems pretty off in this season’s beginning. We have the story (or at least this first one) being told from Hanekawa Tsubasa’s point of view while our normal main character, Araragi Koyomi, is MIA. It’s like he became a temporary Oshino or something. But anyway…we also have this weird behavior from Senjougahara Hitagi…we sure this is even the same character?

But yeah…a tiger. Considering that Tsubasa is a cat, is this supposed to be a point of evolution for her supernatural-ness or something? Tiger burned down her house…so now what? Also, I really wasn’t expecting an opening song of this style for Tsubasa. Just seems out of place, doesn’t it? I like the ending song, though…it’s got a nice tune.

7 thoughts on “Monogatari Series Second Season First Impressions: What is this show I’m watching?”

  1. HitagixHanekawa YES YES YES!

    We will probably find out what happened to Araragi in the next episode (blatent foreshadowing by Mayoi)


  2. Have a feeling that the Tiger reprsents Tsubasa’s stress increasing to dramatic proportions. She did say this was a story of betrayal and she does still love Araragi. If the cat personified her stress before, the Tiger likely means it has increased, but she has been able to keep burying it away.

    If this is the case though, why no headaches or no meddlecat appearances. The Tiger may be stress of her denying who she truly is or her denying the problems of her life based on the beginning and theme of the episode.

    FWIW I dont think the Tiger burned down her house.


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