Other Shows of the Season: Owarimonogatari

[Commie] Owarimonogatari - 02 [52E40D9E].mkv_snapshot_06.57_[2015.12.30_07.40.08]

I wasn’t originally going to watch this show because I skipped Hanamonogatari (I don’t really like Kanbaru as a character), but I figured that these shows don’t really need to be watched in order, so there’s no harm jumping in here. I was mostly lured by the math themes in the first half of the series. Given that the second half was mostly intended to fill in some gaps in time from Monogatari S2, I don’t think it should be too surprising that I heavily favored the first half. The mysteries were just so much more interesting because we, as the audience, were forced to question the key assumption in a series, that we can trust the protagonist. Granted, I’ve always thought the Monty Hall problem is overplayed in media, but this was a decent rendition. The locked room episode was a very cool take on a very common mystery scenario, though. It was fun to watch.

There’s also the theme of competition between Tsubasa and Ougi throughout the first half. I personally was continually questioning what about Ougi was so threatening in Tsubasa’s eyes and it was strange to see her so desperately wanting to reduce Ougi’s influence on Koyomi.

[Commie] Owarimonogatari - 08 [3BA27E50].mkv_snapshot_18.33_[2015.12.30_07.41.05]

On the other hand, the second half, while highly gif-able, didn’t seem to be at quite the same level as a story. Don’t get me wrong, there were some pretty solid moments in the arc, like Hitagi’s phone conversation with Koyomi and Kanbaru’s argument with Shinobu, but overall, I wasn’t too caught by the main themes. All in all, the series was probably one of the better ones in this season despite the fact that I didn’t make any posts on it, so I’m rectifying that now. I get that this was supposed to be the final one, but was there ever supposed to be any confirmation about who Ougi is? I’ve already seen some spoilers from the light novel about Ougi’s true identity, but I’d be interested to see how that plays out in the story.

Monogatari Series Second Season First Impressions: What is this show I’m watching?

[HorribleSubs] Monogatari Series Second Season - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.11_[2013.07.07_11.05.34]

Well, everything seems pretty off in this season’s beginning. We have the story (or at least this first one) being told from Hanekawa Tsubasa’s point of view while our normal main character, Araragi Koyomi, is MIA. It’s like he became a temporary Oshino or something. But anyway…we also have this weird behavior from Senjougahara Hitagi…we sure this is even the same character?

But yeah…a tiger. Considering that Tsubasa is a cat, is this supposed to be a point of evolution for her supernatural-ness or something? Tiger burned down her house…so now what? Also, I really wasn’t expecting an opening song of this style for Tsubasa. Just seems out of place, doesn’t it? I like the ending song, though…it’s got a nice tune.

Nekomonogatari (Kuro) Finale


And yup…another word battle that ends with Koyomi getting brutally disfigured. Then Shinobu arrives to bail him out…where have I seen this before? Nisemonogatari perhaps? Probably because of the time constraints of a movie, Neko is far more serious, it would seem. So I guess if you watch Bake for the comedy, there probably isn’t all that much here for you, but if you watch for the incredibly verbose dialogue, then this works just fine.


That’s about it for this one, I guess…bring on the Kizumonogatari. I should be safe watching that one, right? The second season that’s advertised at the end of the movie…maybe more dangerous. I’m starting to get the feeling the light novels would be the safest option. But that aside, this works as a prequel for Bakemonogatari, but I’m hoping Kizumonogatari is better…not much more than that.

Nekomonogatari (Kuro) Part 2

[Commie] Nekomonogatari (Black) - 02 [89FEB4BD].mkv_snapshot_02.03_[2013.01.02_05.35.27]
If you were expecting some shot of the cat, then you really don’t know how I operate.
I guess this part is where things get serious…you know, after some comedic relief from Shinobu (back in silent form). Also, Oshino is back…well, I guess he never really left (I think he’s a cool character anyway). Not sure what else to say about this episode…the cat appears and its nature is explained by Oshino. I guess there were some possible references to Kizumonogatari? There was the Senjogahara appearance after all…

[Commie] Nekomonogatari (Black) - 03 [6877A129].mkv_snapshot_01.28_[2013.01.03_04.20.36]

The last part will likely have to wait until tomorrow…all that remains is the final confrontation, I would assume. Interesting seeing Oshino actually having troubles with a monster…guess we need Shinobu(right?) to save the day. This part of the movie is heavy on the details, which are interesting because they go more into the supernatural world of the show, but don’t give too much to write about. I think it’s funny that Koyomi won’t even dare touch the cat, though…what a weakling (yes, I’m aware he’s not a full vampire).

Nekomonogatari (Kuro) Part 1

[Commie] Nekomonogatari (Black) - 01 [1B0402DF].mkv_snapshot_09.35_[2013.01.01_05.13.19]

Starting off Nekomonogatari with a discussion about love that actually turns out to be sexual frustration…sounds about right. Pretty funny episode, I guess…was fondling his sister really necessary, though? I guess Araragi Koyomi is back with the prequel story revolving around Hanekawa Tsubasa, the cat girl. My memory of Bakemonogatari is pretty fuzzy, so I don’t really remember what clues they gave us…or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. All I know is that so far, everything seems pretty standard. Although I find Tsubasa’s behavior a bit odd for some reason.

[Commie] Nekomonogatari (Black) - 01 [1B0402DF].mkv_snapshot_22.06_[2013.01.01_05.29.36]

Anyway, I’ll wait to see how the rest of the episodes are released before deciding on how I’ll cover it (it’s not that long as far as I can tell)…I figured that today, I would just do beginnings for this show and Kokoro Connect. I will say that I liked the opening song…it fits the character pretty well and it’s a nice song…nothing too crazy.