Guilty Crown Final Episode

Continuing from last week, Mana is reborn in Inori and prepares to repeat the Lost Christmas. The battle begins between Shu and Gai, Daryl continues to face off against Ayase, and Haruka confronts Keido. When things look hopeless, Shu sees the flower that Inori bloomed before she disappeared and draws her sword from it. With it, Shu is able to beat Gai. Gai reveals that everything he has done was a plan to force Shu to come after him and finally save Mana. Shu then starts to draw the virus into himself from everyone, but Inori sacrifices herself to save him.

Wow…just wow…that was…bad. First problem: the final momentous battle between Shu and Gai. You know, the one that the past few episodes have been building up. Over in like…5 minutes? Second problem: was it really necessary to keep Shu alive? If you look at that ending and change it so that Shu dies, what really changes? Third problem: Daryl’s thing and Haruka/Keido were resolved so quickly. Maybe they tried too hard to give this show a really happy ending. It just didn’t sit well with me. Or maybe they tried to resolve too much in the last episode and everything became rushed.

But hey…I have to point out the good parts of this episode too. First off, Argo with the giant gun…super badass. And also, the whole “it was part of my plan” thing from Gai, while expected, was a nice touch. That’s how Gai is supposed to be. Anyways, it’s finally over. I’d like to say it was a nice journey, but it would be a lie. When I look back, it isn’t the worst show in the world, but it was pretty painful for me. I will probably sit down and review the show as a whole soon.

10 thoughts on “Guilty Crown Final Episode”

  1. I’m looking forward to a review. I can’t see it praising much of the anime though.

    I thought the whole “It was all part of my plan” thing Gai said was cheap to be honest. I’d have much preferred it if he had actually turned evil and wasn’t just faking it.


    1. Well, it’s not like I’m gonna spend a whole review trashing on the show (as much as I want to). They did some things decently, so I can’t just go nuts *cough*feal*cough*

      It would have gone too much against his character…he would’ve need a really good reason.


      1. With are combine efforts I’m sure we could write a book on how bad it was but you’re right nobody would want to read that.

        World domination is a normal excuse to turn evil and I would have been fine with that. With him turning good again it made the end game a bit strange. Girl gets beaten but lots of people die for a pointless battle.


  2. so i saw a comment and im going to summarize it and see what you guys think.

    it goes…. Since shu power advanced he was able to absorb bits of peoples memories and personality. By taking the cats cradle he took inoris memories and personality so he is able to be with inori in his memories kinda like c’s world(if you watched code geass you will no what that is) i guess.

    what do u guys think it did show shu in last seen head to head with inori he had the fake arm like he did at hares party


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