Black Rock Shooter Final Episode

In order to save Mato from Yuu, Strength decides to sacrifice herself to force Yuu to disappear. Mato uses her willpower to not only stop Black Rock Shooter from killing Yuu, but save Strength. This leads to Mato facing off against Black Rock Shooter. Mato is losing, but the other girls appear to help her, allowing her to beat Black Rock Shooter.

After the battle, Strength is able to reassure Yuu before finally dying. Things basically go back to normal from there. Mato, Yomi, and Kagari return to being friends, and Yuu readjusts to the real world. The series ends with Strength reactivating in the other world as well.

So admittedly this ending wasn’t so bad. Still, I’d like to poke some holes at it. The whole bit with the girls coming to help Mato and like combining colors into a final attack. While it was predictable and probably a little bit fitting for the end, it was extremely cheesy. Mato facing off against Black Rock Shooter in the end…I was cool with that. That ended up going alright. The problem I have with the ending is that they all decided to take their pain on themselves, but all of their other selves have be reanimated. What does that mean for the other world? Do they only siphon the major pain? Will they continue to fight? Do they just exist and do whatever they want?

With that done, I’d really like to talk about the series as a whole, but I’ll keep it minimal to save it for when I actually review it. For the most part, I thought it was a pretty good show…just confusing at points. Not sure what happens in the game, so I don’t know how this relates to pre-existing Black Rock Shooter content. Still, I haven’t minded posting about it and I hope you’ve enjoyed this as well. Series review will come later.

11 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter Final Episode”

  1. Hey wait a minute, the first screenshot looks like the exact from mine. Are you seriously getting off ideas from me or something, Marth? O_O


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