Inu x Boku SS Episode 11

This week’s episode starts off with Soushi’s past. Locked up as a child, Soushi learns to use his charm to manipulate women and gain more freedom. He would eventually meet Shoukiin Ayame, Kagerou’s mother, and start working under Kagerou. Kagerou eventually has him write the letters back to Ririchiyo for him. Through these letters, Soushi starts to develop a “self”, an identity.

In one letter, he decides to write something true about himself rather than acting as Kagerou, and he is surprised to find that Ririchiyo actually notices. Back in the present, Kagerou is about to tell Ririchiyo that the letters from the past were not written by him, but she interrupts saying she already knew this. Kagerou then leaves Ririchiyo alone with Soushi, telling her that he wrote the letters.

What a nice episode. Soushi’s story ends up being a lot tamer than I thought…actually kinda touching. A lot of stuff is explained like how Soushi knew Ririchiyo as well as how she “saved” him. Side note for a second…Kagerou as a child was wearing glasses. Does the mask he wears now act as a pair of glasses? Because if so, I need to get me one of those…

This episode acted almost like a conclusion. I feel like they probably could have ended the show with it. Still, there’s another episode. So I wonder what they plan on throwing in there. It could be one of those light episodes that wraps everything up…that would probably be nice. Maybe Ririchiyo and Soushi will finally have that coffee. I don’t really care about the coffee…I just wanna be right about the show building up to it (it’s a pride thing). Anyway, one more left…hope it finishes nicely.

6 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS Episode 11”

  1. I can’t tell if Soushi developed emotion. I know he made himself a personality and acts based on that and his charm, but that does not equal emotion. I’m unsure if it’s love but more like appreciation for Ririchiyo.

    At least Kagerou knows when to let go, it’s as if he was giving Ririchiyo to Soushi. It’s about time he called off the engagement. Even when he was young, he only shows interest in S and M.


  2. fyi love code geass. i like soushi back story. i dont want them to be in a relationship that ruins the show that should be the last episode and fyi the manga story is the exactly the same and has like 11 more chapters so i dont think the anime gonna stop. i think soushi has amazing eyes!!! i love him:)


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