Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 23

This week, Kaito is still clearly upset about the vision he saw last week. He goes to see Ana, who has been painting the scene that Kaito sees in his vision. After Ana cheers him up a bit, Kaito returns home to find an invitation to Gammon’s last puzzle, a deathmatch. Kaito desperately tries to hold back to avoid the vision where he destroys the world, but Rook gets him to activate his armband.

With Nonoha’s encouragement, Kaito activates a new power, destroying the armband and solving the puzzle, but saving Gammon. Rook starts to freak out from this, and Kaito realizes that the future has changed so that Rook destroys the world.

Okay…that was kinda cool. In the pinch moment, Kaito rejects the armband and saves his friend. Guess this means Gammon is back on the light side. Everything is set up for a final battle against Rook to end the series. I’m actually curious how this series ends. With the second season coming in the spring, I can’t imagine they would kill Rook. Maybe he would even become an ally against a new enemy. But what would that new enemy be? There’s no way they would have that complicated background like Rook and Kaito, right? I’d be annoyed if they just used Rook again. Or maybe it’s a time skip with Kaito’s kids or something. We’ll see, I guess.

One thought on “Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle Episode 23”

  1. I’m still not even sure if I wanna watch this. I saw people giving bad impressions during the early start of the anime, now that the first series is about to end, I’m not so sure anymore D:


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