Another Episode 10

After the recap of the deaths from last week, Izumi has a weird dream of “meeting” Kouichi. With that, the class trip starts. The gang finally listens to the rest of Matsunaga’s tape. Matsunaga talks about how he got into a fight with another student and killed him accidentally. This student turns out to be the dead student, and everyone forgets about him except Matsunaga. Later, Izumi blames Mei for the class’s hardships for not being ignored properly, but they are interrupted when Wazui has an asthmatic attack.

Kouichi goes to meet with Mei in her room that night, and Mei tells him that her cousin was actually her twin sister, suggesting that she was the true first victim. She also tells him that her doll eye sees how close people are to death. Kouichi asks Mei who the dead student is, but they are interrupted when Teshigawara barges into the room saying he’s done something terrible.

So after that much buildup, the tape ended up being pretty boring in the end. Oh well…pretty predictable. You have to kill the dead student. The stuff at the end was much more interesting. For the whole episode, I was thinking that Izumi was the dead student because of the discrepancy between her and Kouichi’s memories. That would suggest that something is wrong with one of the two, and Kouichi doesn’t seem dead (this is confirmed by Mei this week). While it’s still possible that Izumi is the dead student, it looks like Teshigawara is our prime suspect at the moment. It would definitely be an interesting way to end the series. Teshigawara realizes that he is dead and desperately wishes to end the deaths and stop hurting others, while Kouichi is conflicted about killing his friend. Or…maybe I’m nuts and Izumi’s the dead one and everyone has to stop her >.> Only one way to find out.

16 thoughts on “Another Episode 10”

  1. It would be interesting if it was Teshigawara or Izumi were the dead person. From the preview it looks like she goes nuts in the next episode. I’m almost certain that was her kicking the door open with blood on her legs. I’d love it if frail art boy was the dead person, talk about lame.

    Two episodes to go. I hope you are as excited as I am.


      1. Maybe they’ll publish another novel with all your theories. At this point I’m just hoping the ending is good. It could be the difference between it ending up in my top 30 or lower than my top 70.


  2. The last part of the episode is what makes me really wanna watch the next episode now. Who was the one who fall off? Is it the specs guy? Oh and isn’t that old lady a bit suspicious? I think she is going to slaughter everyone else? The one who greet them to the lounge.


  3. LOL. I’m just going to throw my hands up here. I’m repeating myself. The dead person is Kouchi’s aunt. Akazawa has met him before, the dream was just a reminder. She has already clued us to the fact that she has met him before based off their encounter when Kouchi was in the hospital. Her deja vu is her remembering.


              1. The dead person is not going to be a character we don’t know yet. Kouchi has been in town before but no one seems to remember, though his father has mentioned it “How does it feel to be back?” and Akazawa has stated she feels like she knows him. The dream brought that tidbit back up when she first encountered him. So why was he in town? My guess it was for his aunt’s funeral.


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