Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 5

Random Engrish aside, the girl from the last episode is introduced as Chris, and she endures torture to fulfill her wish. Meanwhile, Hibiki continues to train while Tsubasa recovers. Things get serious when the minister that Ryouko meets is assassinated. However, Ryouko ends up with the briefcase that was stolen from him (suspicious!).

The suitcase contains information about a scheduled transport of Durandal. Hibiki moves out with Ryouko to help keep Durandal safe in transit. However, they are ambushed by the Noise and Chris. Hibiki starts to fight, and Durandal reacts to her and activates. When she grabs it, she turns feral once again and obliterates the Noise.

So a couple of interesting things to note. First off, either Ryouko is evil or she’s one of those characters that wants to see the technology of Symphogear advance so much that she acts crazy to make it happen. Second, Chris might end up being an ally in the future…her link to the dark side doesn’t seem so strong. She could easily be swayed by some nice words.

From the scenes, it looked like Tsubasa finally reconciled with Kanade’s death, but we’ll have to wait and find out if that’s really the case. It seems kinda early for her to suddenly become all mushy. Wonder if she’ll be okay with Hibiki next week, especially now that she has Durandal.

3 thoughts on “Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 5”

  1. Lol it was so obvious Ryouko is the blonde chick. What I do not understand is why did they kill the minister to get that suitcase? I thought they were going to deliver it anyway? Kinda stupid… or I am missing something.


  2. Painful Engrish is painful to listen to. Had to rewind a couple of times to make sure I heard everything right.

    And as said before, had a feeling Ryouko was up to no good, but still not solid proof. Although, the suitcase, talking about wanting to devour Hibiki…yeah, enough proof for me.


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