Black Rock Shooter Episode 1

So after much delay, the first episode of anticipated series Black Rock Shooter arrives. We’re introduced to the energetic main character Kuroi Mato, who meets the quiet girl, Takanashi Yomi on her first day at school. The two girls bond over their shared love of a story about a bird that takes people to a world of many colors.

While they are at Yomi’s house, a strange girl in a wheelchair named Kagari arrives, which freaks Yomi out. Kagari clearly has a problem with Mato, constantly telling her to go home and treating her poorly. The next day, Yomi tells her that the two of them can’t be friends, but Mato continues to insist.

Similarly to the movie, the first episode flashes between the battle of Black Rock Shooter in the other world and Mato’s school life in the real world. I thought it looked pretty good for the first episode. I don’t actually know too much about the whole Black Rock Shooter franchise or anything (I really should find a way to play the game), but I didn’t really have many complaints.

Eight episodes isn’t really much…I wonder how they’re gonna manage it. The ending theme sounded alright, but I have trouble listening to vocaloid music, so it made it hard for me to hear the song itself. Piano music in the background was a nice touch, though. I’d say this episode was okay for a start, but as usual, I don’t have enough to make a judgment on the show yet. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

3 thoughts on “Black Rock Shooter Episode 1”

  1. Episode was good for me. It’s something extra to watch when you have finished watching the OVA. It’s probably the stuff that was not on the OVA that made them think of having this series. It is heavily related to the OVA, so yes those who doesn’t watch it probably have to.


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