Carole & Tuesday Episode 20: Going to war

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Carole and Tuesday are performing

I guess things are starting escalate now. Valerie’s campaign seems to be going into full swing in this series, and multiple characters have been arrested. I wonder if this “Grammy” performance that Carole and Tuesday have been invited to is going to be climax for the entire series. I’m not entirely sure how I’d feel about it if the show ended with them solving the Valerie story with their “miraculous” performance.

Ezekiel is performing too

Then again, the Grammy thing could also be another throwaway performance. It looks like the story is throwing wrenches into two of Carole and Tuesday’s competitors, so it might end up being an undeserved victory.

Dahlia tries to push Angela

Yeesh, Dahlia really took a turn in this episode. I’m not against it because previous episodes did set it up through Angela’s memories, but it feels like a sharp change nonetheless. Seeing Dahlia attempt to achieve a dream through Angela was pretty rough.

Tao's boss attempts to coerce him

I think this scene was interesting for showing some of Tao’s motivations. To be honest, his study of the human mind isn’t all too different from my own personal interest, so I might relate more than most. I suppose it’s good on him for sticking with his principles.

Amer plans his next move

I would have liked to see more of Carole’s past, but I’m glad her meeting with Amer goes well in this episode (especially after what happened with Tuesday). I mentioned last week that Amer might end up just taking the fall in Carole’s place push the group to fight Valerie, and his arrest is making that look likely. His song was cool, though.

Spencer starts to work with Kyle

I mean, it’s good to see that Kyle is still working on taking down Valerie, but who’s really surprised by this?

Dahlia tries to encourage Angela

Once again, this might be a bit much. If the AI is perfect, then there’s literally no reason for Angela to sing. I don’t see how this works…

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