Fruits Basket Episode 23: Intermission over

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Tohru fails some tests

As we’re nearing the end of the season, it looks like this episode was getting back to the main story. I deeply enjoyed the side character stories we’d been getting, but I like seeing Kyou’s story again given his mysterious trauma. I’m really starting to wonder how this season is going to end.

Saki tries to comfort Tohru

While I can certainly understand not wanting to fail a test, I was curious to see Tohru reacting so negatively towards it. I get that she’s worried about not being able to fulfill her promise to her mother, but I guess I have trouble seeing that connection. Maybe I just need to learn more about Japanese school systems.

Kyou lectures Tohru

To be honest, I side with Kyou here. Tohru’s trauma surrounding colds feels like it should extend to herself. Even if she’s the kind of person who is heavily self-sacrificing, I would still expect that anxiety to play a factor here.

Kyou offers to listen to Tohru

I appreciate this scene for not going down the common route of having Tohru spill her secrets in a feverish stupor. Instead, Kyou offers to listen, and she willingly tells him. It’s a nice moment between the two. Am I supposed to be reading into the baseball cap in this scene, though? From what we’ve seen so far, that cap seems to be related to Kyou somehow, so I wonder if it’s important that it’s featured in this scene.

Kyou's master watches along

My first reaction to this scene was that this guy would end up being Kyou’s father. His reaction to Kyou’s smile seemed to fit there. But I guess he’s Kyou’s martial arts teacher or something.

Kagura appears

Oh hey, Kagura’s here again.

Kagura asks Kyou about the past

I think it would be cool if the season ended on Kyou finally admitting to Tohru what he’s hiding, but part of me thinks that this is going to be dragged out longer. I can dream, can’t I?

4 thoughts on “Fruits Basket Episode 23: Intermission over”

  1. I think this season is just going to… end at whatever point in the adaptation they reach. For most adaptations, that would be A Really Bad Idea. Not so much here, where the intent is to adapt the entire story.

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