Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 7: Seeing double

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Shouko talks about the horizon

It always feels like there’s a lot happening in these episodes, which is kind of amazing. I’m intrigued by the idea that this arc might actually be about Rio, rather than the mysterious Shouko. There’s still plenty of time left in the series, so maybe Shouko’s just getting introduced while Rio’s story gets handled.

Sakuta retorts when Shouko asks about his behavior

It’s nice to see that Sakuta hasn’t changed much.

Sakuta opens the blinds on a new day

The return of the date banners is curious. It suggests that time will once again be a focus in the current story, but it doesn’t really fit with Rio’s doppleganger concept. I wonder if it has to do more with Shouko, who seems to be lost out of time. My working theory was that Sakuta met her future self, so this could be a factor in her story.

Sakuta chatting with his girlfriend

Weekly reminder that these two are the best couple.

Rio admits that she has a double

Rio’s story feels weirdly out of place in this series. The idea of the doppleganger seems more like a legend, while the other two arcs tried to tie themselves to more concrete ideas.

Rio ponders the potential scientific reasons behind her predicament

As always, this series must be great fun for physicists.

Mai and Sakuta in bed together

It’s happening!

Sakuta talking with the second Rio

I’m actually pretty interested in this doppleganger scenario. I kind of think it would be cool if this version of Rio was the real one, and she just happens to be trying to make herself more attractive for Kunimi. The last scene in the episode seems to suggest differently, though. I really hope there’s more to her!

Mai wants to discuss something important with Sakuta

Well, this sounds ominous. Since Sakuta’s interrupted by Kunimi’s girlfriend showing him the pictures of Rio, I’m reasonably certain that this is a red herring. It’s not like Mai’s manager would force her to break things off, right?


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