Golden Kamuy Episode 18: Even more feels

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Main characters standing on some rocks

I can’t even be upset about the random tangent in this episode, because I just enjoyed Tanigaki’s story so much. The redemption of his friend, Kenkichi, wasn’t too hard to predict, but I really liked the fact that they used the kanemochi as a constant device throughout the story. This episode was truly a great introduction for Tanigaki as he prepares to officially join the main group. I look forward to seeing more of him.

Granny prepares for burial

This was a weirdly somber moment in the present day. Perhaps it was meant to set the tone for Tanigaki’s story, but I was surprised to see it. To be honest, the lost of the granny character doesn’t mean too much to me, as sad as it might be to say that.

Kenichi figures out the secret ingredient Tanigaki uses

The culturally educational bits in this series are still my favorite moments. Even if it’s a small thing, the fact that the kanemochi was such a reliable food source in Tanigaki’s family tradition is just interesting.

Tanigaki blames Kenichi for the death of his mother

This story was a decent representation of a man consumed by revenge. I thought it was cool that Tanigaki realized after the fact how much he focused on Kenkichi, even blaming him for other misfortune in Tanigaki’s life.

Kenkichi recognizes the walnuts in the kanemochi

This was such a great moment for Tanigaki. Food has been such a big focus in this series, so it was great to see the kanemochi save the day in a situation where Kenkichi could no longer see or hear. It makes the scene even more impactful, and keeps the kanemochi as the central theme.

Tanigaki and his group find the other main characters

So, Tanigaki somehow managed to find everyone else. I’m curious to see how his story impacts his interactions with everyone else. I thought the bit about finding his role was a good setup, so maybe that will play into how he moves forward.

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