Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works S2 Episode 21: Secret of the Grail

[Commie] Fate⁄stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - 21 [49E81022].mkv_snapshot_13.52_[2015.05.31_08.16.02]

So Gilgamesh is going to be the one completing the Grail after all. I’m sure most people are happy to see Shinji as the vessel (I can’t say I disagree with them). Gilgamesh also reveals that the Grail War is a way to trick the Servants into fighting each other to fill the Grail with their souls. On the Archer side, is it wrong of me to be suspicious about his death this week? I just have this feeling that he wouldn’t leave the series so easily.

Given that there are still four episodes remaining, I’m going to guess that next week’s episode will be a fairly slow preparation episode for the final fight. There doesn’t seem to be anything heated going on in the preview either. There are only so many characters still alive in this series, so I’m curious how they’re planning on spending the rest of the time.

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