Captain Earth Episode 6: Humanity is doomed!

[Commie] Captain Earth - 06 [9DE38DC3].mkv_snapshot_19.30_[2014.05.15_06.17.41]

That’s a lot of doom and gloom talk for so early in the series. Anyway, this episode is mostly a setup episode with not too much happening. Secret plots and whatnot. The brief hostage scene wasn’t even much, just a way for Daichi to get his uncle’s blessing.

It looks like next week, the fighting starts up again. Things have been pretty slow so far, so maybe they’ll show us a decent battle now that it’s 2v2. The ones up to now have been fairly quick. We might also see if Hana’s role is confined to enabling Teppei to fight. And one thing we haven’t even touched on yet: who was the girl that gave Daichi the Livlaster in the first episode?

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