Black Bullet Episode 6: Tina’s sure failing a lot

[HorribleSubs] Black Bullet - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.10_[2014.05.14_05.55.43]

Interesting that Tina is ranked. If she’s a mechanized soldier, does that mean she’s her own Promoter? Sounds pretty scary. It’s a curious development that this opponent is out of Enju’s reach. In the past, it seemed like they were pushing the fact that Enju was a better Initiator than Rentarou deserved, but it’s starting to look the other way around as things go.

Next week looks to be the final battle against Tina. She’s been highly unsuccessful in her assassinations so far, so there’s a high likelihood that she will join the cast. She seems like a fairly easy target, since she hesitated to kill Kisara, has a pre-existing relationship with Rentarou, and is one of the Cursed Children that Rentarou tries so desperately to save.

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