Jormungand Episode 8

I’m not completely sure what I just watched. At first, I thought it was like Death Note with the two arms dealers making plans and feints and whatnot…seeing each other’s plan. But the reveal didn’t turn out to be much, and although Koko said that Amalia Tolokhovsky was a tough opponent, she didn’t seem like much of an enemy.

I’m basing this on the fact that she seemed unaware of the ambush at her meeting with Koko and came without backup (that person in charge of the snipers didn’t seem related to either party).

Other than that, I guess some stuff happened with Lutz this week? It kinda looked like the start of character development, but it didn’t seem like that much. I dunno what to make of the preview for next week either >.> Looks like Jonah’s messing around while Koko’s pissed or something? Maybe a beach episode? I got nothing.

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