Zetman Episode 9

Well…hmm…that romance was kinda sudden. Not even sure where that came from. That aside, the main thing this week besides failing to get the pendant is that the leader of EVOL is asking Jin for help against Haitani. Given the circumstances, it seems fairly legitimate to me, but we can never rule out the possibility of a trap.

As for Kouga, while he still acts like a child with a lot of toys, I have to admit that his fighting ability without his suit against the Jin clones was pretty impressive. And with Konoha, her desire to figure out the truth is almost like throwing up a death flag for me…I can’t say for sure, but it’s possible that she dies.

I’m not sure how I feel about this series…based on the pacing, it looks like it’s building up to Jin’s first transformation as a climax and then ending shortly after with Haitani’s defeat (he doesn’t seem the type to die so easily. Anyways, next week looks like Kouga will be placed in another one of those “hero tests.” I wonder if he’ll eventually pick the other option, leading to Konoha’s death.

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