Jormungand Episode 7

So much laughter this week…First the serious, though. Despite all of the buildup from last week, Karen turns out to be a mere insect before the might of Valmet…she gets totally owned. Jonah also continues with his “take charge” attitude…that was pretty cool. Boy’s grown up so fast (wipes away a tear). Also, Koko shows off more of her loco by garnering safe passage from Chang’s dinner using Scarecrow, who had sworn her as an enemy…epic.

Most of the funny this week came from Valmet…doing to the guy at the airport what I want to do to anyone who can’t wait an extra two minutes in line (seriously man, shut up…I’m very indecisive). Also, Jonah being afraid of needles despite all of the gunfire he stands on a daily basis. I couldn’t get much from the preview about next week except a second appearance of whoever that girl is with Scarecrow (Chocolate?).


2 thoughts on “Jormungand Episode 7”

  1. Yeah, overall the episode felt a little…”anticlimactic.” The resolution to all the fights was a little lackluster, but there were plenty of jokes and character shenanigans. So maybe “lighthearted” instead? I don’t know.

    Definitely enjoyed Chocolade (is that her codename?).


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