Zetman Episode 8

The aftermath period covers most of this week’s episode. Mostly, Jin finally finds out about Kanzaki…who ends up confirming that the pendant is the key to ZET’s awakening. Pretty easy call. From the conversations from Amagi Corp, it’s clear that they go to great lengths to keep the knowledge of Players in check. I was surprised that Kouga didn’t know anything about them, but it makes sense with all this talk about memory wiping.

Anyway, next week looks to be another crisis situation for Konoha. I’m not sure if the Jin in the preview was the real one or some impostor…can’t be sure with a show like this. Final note: this show brings up an interesting point with the Players and ZET. They create a life form that goes out of their control, so they create a stronger one to take care of it. Don’t they ever consider what happens when the stronger one gets out of their control? Yeesh…

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