Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Episode 5

So, this week is a bit more with the introductions. Yuuta leaves his phone at home and Miu ends up picking up a call from Sako. Strangely enough, Sako is able to use her voice to draw an almost exact portrait of her (that’s a little creepy). Miu and Hina also meet Yuuta’s neighbor, Atarashi Kurumi, who is a voice actress.

Meanwhile, Sora, who went out to return Yuuta’s phone, ends up getting lost. Unfortunately, the weather turns bad and Yuuta teams up with Kouichi to find her. Yuuta ends up finding her, and we also see a memory of Sora’s first meeting with Yuuta.

So, Sora reverts back to calling Yuuta Onii-chan rather than Uncle. As with normal anime protagonists, Yuuta is too dense to notice she likes him. Pretty funny episode as usual. Glad to finally know who that neighbor is…it was bugging me.

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