Inu x Boku SS Episode 5

So Banri from last week ends up in Ririchiyo’s class. Ririchiyo starts getting strange texts from an unknown address with stalker-ish messages. Trying to find a way to express her gratitude to Soushi, Ririchiyo decides to write a letter to him. She goes out shopping for stationery, and ends up returning late at night.

Soushi appears, having been worried and she tries to tell him how she feels, but they are interrupted by a masked assailant. He turns out to be Shoukiin Kagerou, Ririchiyo’s fiancee and turns out to be Karuta’s current master and Soushi’s former master. He goofs off for a while in Ayakashi Kan, but leaves almost as quickly as he arrived.

Another funny episode. I dunno what’s up with Kagerou, but his antics were definitely entertaining. So with five episodes done, I guess this show is really just gonna be slice of life with monsters. I’m a bit surprised after how it began, but I still like the show. Next week looks to be focused more on Banri and his relationship with Karuta, so it should be fun.

3 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS Episode 5”

  1. Wait two to three episodes more. You’ll be surprised at how serious it gets… or at least it should get, and what Ririchiyo and Soushi’s relationship will be at the end.


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