Inu x Boku SS Episode 4

So while Ririchiyo deals with her emerging feelings for Soushi, she meets the new characters that made an appearance last week. The first introduces himself as Banri Watanuki and immediately reveals himself to be a tanuki. His Secret Service agent is Zange Natsume, who seems to be clairvoyant in some way. Zange and Soushi are old friends, but Watanuki challenges Soushi a death match.

The death match ends up being a race to gather the signatures of all the residents of Ayakashi Kan. We get to meet the…interesting tenants around the manor. The last signature turns out to be Karuta, but Watanuki reaches her first. Zange reveals that the whole match was just an excuse to get Watanuki to talk with Karuta.

Oh Ririchiyo…you would suspect an irregular heartbeat to be health-related. Her relationship with Soushi seems to be developing a lot more quickly than I expected. Also, it looks like Soushi is hiding something that Natsume knows. Based on what I’ve seen, it must be something pretty big because I’m sure it will be used to slow the progress of Ririchiyo and Soushi’s romance. I wonder what it could be. I guess this show will take the path of standard slice of life with fanservice. Next week seems to be another character introduction, but I see nothing that hints at conflict or action, only more comedy.

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