Chihayafuru Episode 17

So after the random recap episode last week, this week’s episode starts off with the school festival.With that done, everyone gets back to karuta, each focusing on progressing through their respective classes. Tsutomu starts to feel behind everyone else, but some reassuring words from Kanade cheer him up. Taichi goes to a tournament pretty far off, but is surprised to find Nishida there as well.

Nishida and Taichi both end up losing at the tournament, though. Meanwhile, back at home, Harada notices the number of mistakes Chihaya makes and asks her to stop using her speed to take cards. After hearing Tsutomu and Kanade put their own personal spins on karuta, Chihaya tries to change up her style to rely less on her speed.

Taichi instantly breaking up with his girlfriend was absolutely priceless. Now he’s available for Chihaya…wonder if he’ll be able to make a move. Everyone seems to be maturing in their own ways from their experiences in the karuta club. I like where the show is going…Chihaya always winning on speed was a bit annoying. I like the immense amounts of strategy that Taichi throws into his game. And now that I know Tsutomu’s style, it’s also a pretty cool way to go at it.

I understand that things are winding down and everything, but I would’ve been pretty annoyed if this was a filler episode like it looked at the beginning with the school festival. I wonder when Arata is coming back into the picture. Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

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