Brave 10 Episode 4

So this week’s episode starts off with Isanami, Saizou, and Kakei arrive at the Izumo shrine. Isanami tries to act strong, but she’s clearly upset about Izumo being in ruins. They look around and eventually find a puzzle that only Isanami is able to solve, opening a path underground. They are followed by Hattori, who is after the Kushi-mitama, which is Isanami’s hairpin.

Saizou starts to fight against Hattori and Kakei fights against the snake woman. They’re both getting beaten, but Yuri shows up to help. Kakei is able to beat the snake woman by shooting through himself. Yuri and Saizou also team up to take out Hattori. While they are recuperating after the battle, Date Masamune appears to kidnap Isanami.

So Saizou still keeps getting owned by Hattori. I figured from the opening that Yuri would become an ally, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen so quickly. Kakei was pretty epic shooting himself, but I wonder if he actually killed that woman. Poor Isanami…it’s just not her day today. Next week, I guess it will be the rescue mission or something. We may also learn about this Kushi-mitama from Masamune.

2 thoughts on “Brave 10 Episode 4”

  1. It is turning out to be some child show for me. The story is alright, nothing that special. I guess this season will be the season where they will be able to get all the brave 10. Next season would probably more interesting.


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