Inu x Boku SS Episode 3

So this week Ririchiyo starts school. She tries to stop herself from insulting other people, but you know what they say about old habits. That aside, Ririchiyo ends being in the same class as Karuta. When Ririchiyo gets back home, she finds Soushi talking with another woman and the two kiss. It turns out she confessed to him, but he rejected her, kissing her to make her feel better.

Ririchiyo ends up snapping at Soushi, later regretting it. At the school party, Ririchiyo continues her standoffish behavior, isolating herself from everyone else. Two of her classmates end up making fun of her, but Soushi appears to defend her. Rather than allow Soushi to take retribution, Ririchiyo takes it upon herself.

I guess this episode is the start of Ririchiyo’s character development. I guess this show is supposed to be a bit of slice-of-life with Ririchiyo making friends? I don’t really see them playing the ayakashi thing too much. It kinda makes me wonder if they could make the same show with everyone being normal humans. Still, I’m enjoying it so far. Next week, it looks like we’ll meet some new characters, so that should be interesting…new friends for Ririchiyo, I guess?

2 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS Episode 3”

  1. I hope it won’t go the slice of life route, I want some real battle as well in the middle of the comedy!

    Awwww, why isn’t next week already here?! >_<


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