Life’s Great Mysteries: Advertisements

So, with Symphogear late, let’s take a look at another mystery while we wait. So while it was tempting to talk about gg fansub’s addition of the Mameshiba ads in some of their releases, I meant this in a sort of blogging sense. Basically, I wonder about your opinions about the role of advertisements on actual blog websites. It’s not like you haven’t seen them before (unless you have a really good adblocker).

I know that whenever I tell my real life friends (yes, I have them!) that I write a blog, they ask if I make any money out of it. Part of this is because half of them are economics majors, but I guess that’s sort of the perception of the general public towards websites as a whole: that people make them to get money out of it.

Personally, I’ve always been against the idea of putting ads on my site, but I also dislike the people who think better of themselves because they do that. I can certainly see how ads can be a distracting thing on any website. But still, my omission doesn’t somehow make a better person because I don’t care for the revenue gain or something. In fact, I would like nothing more than to be paid just to watch anime and write blog posts every day. But in my opinion, the potential revenue I could gain from putting ads just doesn’t seem worth the hassle to me.

But I definitely understand that there are those out there that put a lot of time and effort into their blogs and would just simply like for something tangible to come out of it. I would never discredit anyone for thinking that sort of thing…it’s perfectly logical to expect some sort of compensation, especially when clicking an ad is optional and requires very little effort from the readers. What I don’t like, though, are people who put a bunch of ads on their websites and then ask that anyone wishing to be linked have few ads (*cough* Animetake).

In all, the important question is “what do you think about this?” Do you have an adblocker and just ignore the ads, so websites can do whatever they wish? Does seeing a single ad make you fly into such a rage that you never visit the site again? Are you the type of person that clicks ads out of sheer pity or sympathy for the webmaster? I imagine most people would be in that moderate category where they have a limit to how many ads they see before they get annoyed.

11 thoughts on “Life’s Great Mysteries: Advertisements”

  1. I think there is a limit to how many ads you can have before it is too much. YouTube has too many ads now. An ad on the side of the page is fine or a small one under the header but when an ad takes up the whole background or the first 30 seconds of a video I tend not to go back to said page. If they start popping up or playing music that’s when I never go back.

    So too many ads might be hurting rather then helping.


  2. I am not too big a fan of the affiliate system. Even though Youtube offer me it for the views my videos get, I never sign up for adsense nor do care to use it for my blog. I usually try to avoid ads at all cost, but sometimes they just pop up out of known where (like yesterday when I was reading on Mangafox). I do know people that use the affiliate system via ads, but I still do not even click on their ads just out of preference. Also as I understand it, you only earn like a few cents worth per 10,000 clicks or something like that (sometimes the person actually has buy something), so in reality you really can’t make anything – the system just makes you believe you could.


  3. no really, they pay a couple of cents (more or less) PER CLICK generally, but is not very easy to generate this clicking in the first place. From the side of pay-per-view its a couple of cent per mille impression.

    still to be honest I think is not worth it for an hobby, especially as the cost of hosting is very little nowadays. I prefer my viewers to surf my space ad-free as long as possible. 😛


  4. I have a anime streaming site before with more than 200,000 thousand viewers per month. I put a couple of ads on it and later removed it due to the low income of revenue. For me it isn’t really worth it. Ads for me is a bit distracting where there is too much, luckily we now have Adblocker for that. I sometimes whitelist a few website because they are doing a good job and things and wouldn’t mind clicking a few ads a week, just to help them out.

    I understand that some sites doesn’t really get the amount of money they really intended to get due to high server cost. That is why they force themselves to put tons of ads, just to get a couple of clicks. *cough* Animetake. Ads that doesn’t move are fine but ads that keeps moving is really annoying.

    For me it isn’t really worth it. Putting ads on a website which distract the viewers aren’t really good. Small ads are ok, but putting tons of ads in a website is not a good move indeed. My blog are ads free and i’m thinking of keep it that way. I won’t join any Pay Per Click program but if i’m able to get some sponsored ads that would be really good.


  5. Putting advertisments on your site is just like screwing it up. Your viewers will hate you for doing that and besides everyone loves browsing the internet without pointless ads!


    1. So I actually was talking with a friend of mine. I was on his stream yesterday and it went for about 7 hours. He was a Twitch TV partner and ran commercials whenever he could, but only made 12 cents that whole time! lol


  6. uhmm I don’t mean to be rude or spam like but I’d really like to know what anime you used in this? Especially the second picture about pride.


    1. first picture is from Gosick and the second one is from Ben-To. They were just old screenshots I had lying around…


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