Brave 10 Episode 3

So this week’s episode starts off with Yukimura telling Saizou to take Isanami to Izumo, so she can find what’s so important there that people were sent to kill her. We’re also introduced to Kakei Juuzou, another person working under Yukimura and ends up going with them. While they’re traveling, they find an injured woman on the side of the road, but she turns out to be a (male) ninja named Yuri Kamazuke and kidnaps Isanami.

Saizou ends up climbing a cliff face to reach Isanami and starts fighting Yuri again, but this time without a terrain disadvantage. Saizou ends up going berserker mode in the fight, beating Yuri in an instant without any emotion. However, Isanami stops Saizou before he can kill Yuri.

Okay, this episode’s beginning was just…goofy. Isanami was all over Saizou and flirting with him. Kind of an interesting thing to see with all of the random fighting >.> Isanami being a sort of humanity for Saizou is a bit cliche for my taste, but I guess it’s shounen, so what do I expect? Still looking for a direction for the show, but battles are fun and Isanami is definitely the comic aspect of the show.

So the opening had the same tune, but different words…what’s up with that? It totally threw me off. And why change in the third episode? Also, Yuri is in the opening, so recurring character? Looks like next week is the return of Hattori. I end with one important question: Why the heck is Persona 4 so late???

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