Nisemonogatari Episode 3

This week’s episode starts off where last week’s left off: with antics at Suruga’s house. There’s a funny conversation about Koyomi’s marriage plans and card games. As he’s leaving, Koyomi meets a strange man named Kaiki, who reminds him a bit of Oshino. He then runs into Hitagi, who is clearly upset that Koyomi has shirked his studies (lol). When Koyomi tells Hitagi about Kaiki, she chains him up like we saw in the first episode.

Hitagi starts to tell the story of Kaiki Deishuu, who she knows from the past. She reveals that Kaiki was the first of the five con men that she met before she met Koyomi. However, there is something about him that she is hiding from Koyomi, which seems to be linked to why she’s protecting Koyomi from him. Koyomi gets a message from his sister asking for help, and he breaks free from the chains. Hitagi then gets a strange call from Tsubasa as the episode ends.

So we’re back to the first episode’s opening, I see. I’m sure it’s because this episode was more focused on Hitagi while the last episode featured the first appearance of Karen. So it looks like the story is getting started with the arrival of this mysterious Kaiki. With that last phone call, I wonder if Koyomi will head to Tsubasa or help his sister, since they both seem to need him.

I had wondered if this season would continue the pattern of using Koyomi to solve all of the problems, and it seems like that is the case. I was wondering if they might use a different point of view, but I think that this is still okay. I’ve also wondered what Hitagi was always thinking with Koyomi running around with all of these girls all the time, but I guess this answers my question as well. Still good stuff so far…no real complaints.

8 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari Episode 3”

  1. I was wondering about Araragi solving everyone’s problems, but it still feels different because I don’t think he can turn to Oshino to help him anymore. Whatever the case, I’m glad the plot is finally picking up.


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